Make one of ours, your unforgettable experience!

    This Educational Adventure lasts 8 to 10 days.

    Offered to groups of 10 to 15 people who are interested in the contrast of two important cities in the country Buenos Aires and Salta. Buenos Aires offers its rich culture. Participants will interact with University students, professionals, sport-people… They will enjoy conversation café, Tango Show, Museums, Craft markets and much more.

    Salta will impress participants with the “Wine Route”, The Tobacco land where they will interact with local workers. Learn about our agricultural production. Learn to cook your dinner. Talk to “Gauchos” and dance with them. Ride horses.

    Showing the best of our Argentine culture and traditions. Interacting with students in local language schools. Understanding cultural diversity. Field trips: Understanding the contrast between modern times: "Farmers and their production", "Gauchos and their traditions".

    El Camino del Condor will bring an opportunity to go bird watching while following the Inca's Path and riding horses in the area.


    The Language Experience

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